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I offer brief or long-term therapy within a safe space where you can be away from the familiar patterns of life and feel free to explore your feelings.

It is an exclusive time for you.

This time provides an opportunity to reflect on challenges present and past. It is an opportunity to view them from a different perspective gaining insight that leads to positive change.

Being understood at a deep level can lift feelings of powerlessness and give us greater energy.

No matter how you came to the decision to approach a therapist, it is a huge step in taking care of yourself. Therapy can help you improve your mental health, create and maintain meaningful relationships, and deal with problematic behaviors, beliefs and feelings.
Entering therapy can be scary, mostly because it is a type of relationship that you may have never experienced before. You may be unsure what starting therapy involves.

Most of the people that go to therapy are everyday people that have everyday problems and are being proactive about improving their life.

"People think, 'I have to be in crisis,' or, 'The intensity of the issue has to be so bad that I go to therapy'. Often, people can benefit from therapy for something as simple as needing help reaching a specific goal.

Counselling is a process in which weekly exploration and sharing of thoughts, feelings and behaviours with a trained practitioner can help us make new decisions and changes that enable us to live more resourceful lives. It is a journey on which we can discover how to communicate our emotions more honestly, and in doing so relate to others in effective and appropriate ways. It is a window through which we can view things pushed aside by the pressures of our day to day existence.

With awareness of negative patterns of behaviour that hold us back in life we can develop tools and strategies to change the way we operate in our world, improving our relationships and giving us a sense of well-being.

· A crisis can be the route to renewal.
· A separation can lead to a second chance.
· Addictions can reveal our most significant needs.
· Depression can be an opportunity for profound introspection.
· Sexual dysfunctions can lead to the discovery of new ways of connecting.
· Even panic in a moment of madness can become a life-enhancing experience.

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